In 1973 in the heart of the Midwest, there stood an amazing eatery frequented by local families, sports teams, couples and businessmen.  These folks all gathered together for great fun and serious food. The name of this magical place was Mr. Joe’s.

Joe was a very unique gentleman.  He always greeted everyone at the door with a joke, and you never knew when he might just jump up on a table and dance. When it came to the restaurant that bore his name though, Joe stood firm in his philosophy:

Be Honest   •    Have fun   •   Serve excellent food   •   Make the customer happy

Some say Mr. Joe’s was the original sports bar. A gigantic tube TV played constantly, switching between the four snowy channels searching for any sport that might be playing. Even if that meant watching curling on the Canadian station.

With a nod to our loyal Tampa customers, who have made our Anderson Road location a successful establishment for over 10 years, we pay tribute to the man who really did believe the customer is King. We now proudly present to you Tampa Joe’s Restaurant and Sports Bar.

Tampa Joe’s is a locally owned and operated establishment where Midwest values meet Tampa casual. A place where families can gather, sports fans can cheer, the beer is always cold and the food is always fresh.

Tampa’s newest Restaurant & Sports Bar, UNDER OLD MANAGEMENT!

Fun Place. Serious Food.

Mike Goodwin, Owner